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BCAST™ is a social media/broadcasting platform that enables users to broadcast live streaming videos at any time from/to mobile devices, the web and/or TV, BCAST allows a member to create their own “BCAST Channel” or choose to watch from thousands of live streams that are keyword or location searchable.

BCAST™ users can “follow” a BCAST member and receive a notification on their mobile device and/or web when that individual is broadcasting or BCAST™ users can also search for other users via the BCAST keyword searchable/friend-able database.

BCAST™ is an advertising supported service and has strong built-in appropriate content protections. The BCAST™ streaming video platform is designed to support an advertising revenue sharing model where by celebrities, athletes and others who have a strong “following” can extend and further monetize their brand through “lifecasting”.

For additional general information go to: info@BCAST.com

For customer support go to: support@BCAST.com

For partnership opportunites go to: Partnerships@BCAST.com

And for advertising rates and information go to: advertising@BCAST.com